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Dreams man

I have had a reoccurring yet differently themed dream recently.

I keep finding areas of my house I didn’t know existed…….primarily old sun rooms.

Once it was down an old dark hallway. This last time it was behind an old funky wall that I was peeling the layers of wallpaper off of.

Obviously I need a sun room.


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I’m quitting one of my jobs

I gave my boss notice a week ago. 

I’m not here to badmouth him, however he is the main reason I can no longer do this job. I only work 20 hours a week as that is all they can currently afford (in the ‘office’ at my house).

They were audited by the DOT last year and it was a fucking fiasco. I left the office for almost 2 months (because no money was coming in) and he practically ignored emails/phone calls. No transparency to the clients, serious procrastination… made it to the gott damned NEWS that we were ‘screwing over’ customers.

SO embarrassing.

It took 3 months to get their license back…..but it’s still a clusterfuck. No lessons were learned. I’m still getting screamed at by Bridezillas because the company cannot get it’s shit together.

Telling my boss I couldn’t do it anymore was like breaking up with a guy, or asking for a divorce. I’ve been with them for 4.5 years, have loved my job and I really care about him and his little family. However things are not getting better. I put in my 20 hours and then some. I’m so tired of being yelled at by unhappy people, it’s seriously stressing me out.

I was waffling about my decision up until about 10 minutes ago.

All it took was one crazy bitch getting angry at me because the bus she inquired about over 2 weeks ago is now gone.

Yes ma’am, you said you wanted to get that bus on (insert date here) for (incorrect price)? Let me just make sure you know it’s really ($300 more) and if you’re still interested please let me know when the best time to call you is?

(no response)

She sent me an email today asking me to call her today.

But this is MY fault it’s gone now?

Yeah…….it’s a good thing I’m leaving.

Now I’m paranoid about money.

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Astronauts just found life in space, we kid you not

Russian cosmonauts have discovered something remarkable clinging to the outside of the International Space Station: living organisms.

Results of the experiment are absolutely unique" | Follow micdotcom

Not another planet. Not the Moon.






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This is what my last 2 weeks have felt like as I attempt to get the house ready for Shane to move in.

I haven’t seen what everyone has been up to here all week.

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I grew up watching this guy and I’ve always loved his work.

One of my favorite bits.

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This talk by the late David Foster Wallace might just change the way you see the tiny, sometimes annoying, details of life.

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Solar Sponge Efficiently Makes Steam :

Generating steam is enormously useful. Much of the world’s energy actually comes from steam—coal power plants heat up water to produce water vapor, which turns turbines to generate electricity. A new technology creates steam by harnessing solar energy, using a relatively cheap sponge-like material, and it does it with greater efficiency that ever previously achieved, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications

The researchers don’t claim the device could be used to create electricity, at least not yet. But it could relatively easily be scaled up to make fresh water out of salt water via distillation, for example, or to sterilize medical or food-processing equipment in areas of the world where electricity is hard to come by, said MIT researcher Hadi Ghasemi in a statement.

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This Genius Machine Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles


One innovative company has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

The Turkish company Pugedon recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles, Big Think reported. Once someone deposits their bottle at the top, food is released at the bottom. The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food.

The simple machine will provide a steady source of sustenance to the animals, who often rely on the area’s residents to feed them. It’s also bringing some positive change to a place where the fate of stray animals has not always been a happy one.

Check out the video:

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It’s pulling me in.

I made a luscious from scratch German chocolate cake for Shane’s birthday.

I can hear the siren song. I’ve eaten 2.5 pieces in the last couple days.

I gave away a quarter of it.

The last quarter is sucking me in.

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Surgeons Discover 10-Year-Old Sex Toy Inside Woman's Vagina

The woman said she used the toy one drunken night with her partner a decade ago, and that she couldn’t remember whether she had removed it 

How do you NOT know it’s still IN there?

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This looks like a pan full of glorp.

What it IS….is home made pecan-coconut frosting for a German Chocolate cake I’m baking for my guy.

SOMEone’s birthday is almost here.

I’m better at cooking then baking……fingers crossed!

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I think I’m going to watch this.

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